10 Senior Dog Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Today

As individuals who love all dogs, but especially the senior dogs in our lives, we are always looking for people and organizations who share our love of the senior dog.

If you’re interested in finding senior dog Instagram accounts to follow, to learn from, to interact with and to engage with their photos of senior dogs, we have rounded up our top ten favorites (so far!). 

10 Senior Dog Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Today

1. Wolfgang2422

Wolfgang is devoted to “spreading the beauty of senior pet adoption.” It sells products through its 501c3 nonprofit organization; a large portion of the proceeds from each sale goes directly to Susie’s Senior Dogs, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned senior dogs.
Wolfgang’s Instagram page features photos of senior dogs who are seeking homes and senior dogs who have found their forever homes. Oh, and you will also see photos of: Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, Betty the chicken and Tofu the turkey.

2. Susie’s Senior Dogs  

At Susie’s Senior Dogs, its mission is to find forever homes for forgotten, overlooked and abandoned senior dogs. You can scroll through hundreds of photos of adoptable dogs, read success stories and perhaps even find a senior dog to bring to your home. Many of the adopters of these seniors write to Susie’s page letting them know how much they love their new senior addition to the family. The tales are heartwarming! 

3. Maggie The Wonder Dog

Maggie’s tale could be one of heartbreak and desperation; instead Maggie spreads love as a senior therapy dog. Maggie, who is blind and is missing an ear was shot with a shot gun, her eyes were pulled out and her ear was cut off by her abusers. She was rescued, rehabilitated and is living a life of love and leisure.

4. Senior Dogs Matter

The message Senior Dogs Matter spreads is that “adopting a senior is as rewarding as adopting a puppy because love has no age limit.” We agree! When you adopt a senior dog you “know what you’re getting.” The senior has their own personality, brings their own perspective on life and is looking for a place and a family with whom to bond and share the rest of their days with.

5. Senior Dogs Across America

Nancy LeVine uses her amazing talents as a photographer to highlight the “beautiful senior dog in the American landscape.” She published a book, “Senior Dogs Across America” in which she captures the beauty of these dogs in their environment. Her photos of senior dogs are stunning and she shares a brief story about the dog with each photo she takes. 

6. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary 

Celebrating senior dogs and operating within a 100-mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary (#ofsds) is a 501c3 that celebrates senior dogs and provides them a loving retirement home. This group believes, “love never grows old.” Old Friends knows that senior dogs, especially those with medical problems face a higher rate of euthanasia in shelters because it’s harder to find adopters because because these dogs have a shorter life expectancy and higher veterinary costs.

7. Good Karma

This 501c3 is dedicated to providing end of life care to senior dogs. Good Karma Senior Dog Rescue & Sanctuary looks for homes for the seniors and will house those seniors in need. Read the stories and take a glance at the amazing photos of these beautiful senior dogs.

8. Older Labs

This senior Lab group believes, “there is no shame in growing old.” (We think it’s a gift our senior dogs share with us!) The inspiration behind Older Labs, was in fact, NOT a Lab! Knuckles, a seventeen-year-old Corgi/Basenji/Shiba rescue mix started it all, even though he was not a Lab. Charlie, the founder of Older Labs, always had a special place in her heart for Labs, hence the name and focus of the page.

9. Dogs Without Borders

This Los Angeles-based small dog rescue pulls small dogs from high-kill shelters and looks for forever homes or foster homes for these tiny seniors. The group holds adoption events every weekend and is in need of fosters for these small senior dogs.

10. Muttville

“It’s never too late for a new beginning.” That is the mantra that the group that operates Muttville believe. Muttville is a “cage-free” rescue that is dedicated to saving dogs who are seven-years-old or older. The group holds open house events every Saturday and Sunday at its San Francisco, California site. The Muttville Instagram page features adorable photos of adoptable seniors and photos of those senior dogs who have found their forever homes.

Find Your Forever Senior Dog 

All of these groups are in continual need of donations, volunteers, fosters and forever families for the senior dogs they rescue. Click on any of the links and check out the group that speaks to you and reach out to them -- you may just find your very own forever senior dog. 

We know through our work with and involvement in senior dog issues, these groups and the dogs they care for are in continual need of potty pads. If you’ve ever lived with a senior you know they either suffer incontinence or dementia can lead them to “forget” to ask to go outdoors or they simply cannot wait to be taken outdoors. 

A senior dog won’t be with you for as many years as a puppy would, but these loving dogs deserve a place where they can find love, the attention of a dedicated family and understanding when they have an accident in the house.

Senior Dogs Are Ideal For Families

A senior dog is an ideal choice for families -- young or old -- who don’t want to go through the “puppy stages” of chewing and biting and teaching basic obedience to. A senior has outgrown those silly stages and is happy to join you for short walks or a slow and easy game of fetch. You’ll also find that senior dogs are snuggle bugs who want to join you on the couch while you binge watch or in bed at the end of the day.

You may need to assist your senior dog with getting on and off the couch or bed, but it is easy to find products to accommodate their unique senior dog needs.

If you’re new to senior dogs and to their unique needs, we’ve written an article that gives you seven easy tips for caring for a senior dog and for improving their quality of life.

Share stories of your senior dog with us below in the comment section and don’t forget to show us photos of your beautiful grey muzzle pups!

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